Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kesian Riders di Malaysia

During our ride in Putrajaya this morning Pak Adib talked a bit about his research on urban cycling. Very interesting topic, I must say. And I look forward to his findings.

We also lamented the fact that Malaysian cities – with Putrajaya maybe being an exception – are not planned to accommodate cyclists. Yes, our cities lag far behind in that area. In fact, I would venture to say that, to most city authorities, the needs of cyclists and benefits of cycling are not even on their radar deserving of a second look. In short, they are a non-priority. Well down the list.

The popular excuse that have been heard every so often is that “We are a tropical country, who wants to cycle? It’s just too hot, la…”

It is this perception, ingrained in the minds of the decision-makers, that forms the biggest hurdle to providing better and effective facilities for cycling.

As a result, cycle lanes are not laid out in a planned and integrated manner (read: disjointed) and kerbs are not properly designed and flushed so that changes in levels are not abrupt. If the cycle lanes exist at all, more often than not, they would be blocked by a thousand-and-one things making them inaccessible.

Mind you these are very basic requirements we’re talking about here. We’re not yet talking about providing special crossings at junctions and overhead bridges for cyclists here.

Photos below show some examples of how people in developed nations take care of their cyclists.

A round-about in the Gold Coast, Australia - notice the special green lane marked out for cyclists

Pedestrian walkway-cum-cycle lane by the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Australia

Cycle lane and crossing facility, Brisbane

Well-designed kerbs at road crossings which is very convenient for cyclists, New Farm, Brisbane

Special-designated cycle lane, Brisbane

Cycle racks, Brisbane

Crossing facility, Tsukuba New Town, Japan

Main pedestrian/cycling thorougfare, Tsukuba town centre - notice the good landscaping which provides complete shading for cyclists

Route/location map located along cycle ways

Another crossing

Bicycles parked in front of the main Library in Tsukuba City. All major public facilities, including this library, are located along this main cycling thorougfare.


won said...

Good start. Another initiative by the authority is in London...

lots of good info available there...

Mohd Adib said...

Thanks Azizi for your posting with beautiful photo examples of what other people did for the cycling community in their countries.In our so called caring society,very little being done-not only for cyclists but for the blinds and handicap people.That is what we are:-((

Btw, you are welcome to read my musings on urban cycling at my blog:

Riezal said...

There is a new invention..Bicycle bumper with a light generating a bike lane but its only applicable at night :( check it out

Taufik said...

Cycling di Malaysia, lebih kepada recreation, bukan sebagai pengangkutan ke tempat kerja atau pengangkutan untuk ke tempat lain.

Ada berani ke nak mulakan berbasikal untuk ke tempat kerja? Atau berbasikal untuk ke kedai dsb? Saya sedang berfikir dan berkira-kira untuk bebasikal setiap hari ke tempat kerja, 16km je...

Riezal said...

Taufik, 16km tu tak jauh mana.. mula2 sure penat lama2 steady saja..saya dah start.. apa kata cycle to office once a week.. lama2 tambah sehari demi sehari insyallah tak trasa nanti :)

abd.samad said...

Berbasikal ke tempat kerja ada beberapa faktor perlu ditangani.
1. Cuaca. Di Msia cuaca atidak begitu condusive, panas, hujan tak menentu.
2. Infrasturtur. Faktor ini telah banyak di bincangkan.
3. Keselamatan. Berbasikal masih diangap tidak selamat di Malasyia. Ada baik sikit di Putrajaya.
4. Sikap. Jenerasi muda Malaysia dibesarkan dengan motosikal. So berbasikal merupakan ketingalan zaman. Walaupun harga basikal leibih mahal dari motosikal.
Dan ada banyak lagi.
Bagi saya yang penting dan utama keselamatan.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Dr Taufik, Rizal & Pak Samad

Memang town planners macam saya mengimpikan satu hari nanti ramai ke tempat kerja naik basikal - alah macam di amsterdam la.

Tapi macam Pak Samad kata, ada banyak rintangan especially cuaca. Even di Putrajaya kawan saya (a town planner) pernah try cycling to work. Tapi sekarang dah give up due to practical reasons.

But no harm to keep on dreaming kan? :-)

Taufik said...
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Taufik said...

My worry is mainly safety. Rasanya tak sanggup untuk cycle dalam jem dan bersesak-sesak dgn kereta & motor. Rasa macam tak berapa selamat. Distance tu memang OK.

Man CIOCC said...

Salam, mentality M'sians susah nak diubah. Nak pi kedai pun stat gas guzzler.

Mcm Dr. Taufik cakap "My worry is mainly safety..." Tengoklah keadaan jalan kita ni. Tapi tah mcm mana, terkayuh juga saya ke opis.

En. Termizi, I dreamt 'bout it first, to make myself mentally ready

Surf my blog to see my ride to KL.

People say I must be mad...