Friday, January 23, 2009

Racun Penawar

Bila bini dia tengok gambar ini "Abe... bilo pulok mu gohek jando mudo ni..... kawe pong nok jugok . Ha ha ha... anda diperhatikan

This is just a metaphor between road bikes and mountain bikes:

Ini racun penawar, bukan racun perosak serangga.
Racun penawar adalah baik di gunakan, terutama kesihatan.
If you can recall, i was grinning and smilling when i heard your conversations about mtb and road bikes and the distances covered and the speed of so and so.
Now 30 km is nothing to most of us.
Azhar and Razi can sprint up PICC effortless.
Pak Samad following GEDEBE on their sleek and mean machine, only on a second hand Proton T-Sprint R?
Pak Samad is only months younger than you.
Pak Samad yang dulu nya ta suka kayuh malam dah kayuh tiap tiap malam.
Ini yang membuat saya tersenyum kambing......
Dr M yang ada basikal 'bodoh' di rumah yang harga nya 4 atau 5 kali ganda dah tinggal basikal tu di rumah dan dah kayuh bersama kita.
Dulu jarang bercakap kosong dah mula cakap berkenaan naik basikal and join our cycling jokes....

These are the marvels of re-discovering our first love.
The love that made us cycle in the hot sun and even rain.
That made us forget our meal time.
The one that got our scars on our legs and arms and sometimes on our private parts.
The one that exposed us to the concept of speed more than our running and walking.

Oh i have many memorable memories of cycling as a boy.
None are sad stories.
Almost all will bring a smile to my face whenever i have the time to remember them.

There are even stories of cycling on the same route just so that i can pass by a pretty face.
And even parking the bike at a strategic place so that i can 'terserempak with a designated interest...
I am sure you too have such memories.
I am sure as a boy you too had visions of cycling everywhere and anywhere...
But there were many limitations then....

Now that we are at the twilight of our years and we have no more hindrances that might spoil our dreams....why not take that boyish dreams and make it into a reality....
Ride if there is no tomorrow...
For we do not have that many more years to do it.
Now that we have been inspired and have perspired....why don't we really do it in style........
After all, there is nothing bad about keeping our body in perfect health...
So taking the poison that cure is medically all right!!!!

Azudin O Fuad
I hope to realise my dream of cycling from Putrajaya to Jitra, Kedah this year.
I am game also to cycle around the Peninsular
I am also game to cycle to places where i have only dream off...

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Taufik said...

"cycle around the Peninsular"
Satu idea yg bagus. Kena plan awal-awal. Bila gaknya?