Friday, January 9, 2009

Penutupan Dataran Putra dan laluan ke Masjid Putra selepas 12 malam

Saudara saudara PERs,
I am not satisfied with the reply by Perbadanan.
What security are they talking about?
Putrajaya is beautiful at night.It's a waste if we curtail the time to admire it's beauty.

What social problem can the public do in front of the mosque?
What is the job of the guard?

They are supposed to be mobile and ronda the area and not sit on their buttock.After all the contract for the number of guards and their payments were made on the degree of work. I wonder how much is the cost to maintain the guard services?

By getting rid of everybody after midnight, their burden on the job is lessen, that too if there is any burden.

How can they perceive that by midnight it is is a time for rest and there is no reasons for people to be around that area.

And talking about gejala sosial and kegiatan jenayah?
How many reports have been made thus far?
What jenayah?
What gejala sosial?
Pak Samad is right by suggesting that the officials from Perbadanan visit the area at midnight to see what is happening.

I would have thought that the authorities would welcome visitors to Putrajaya day and night and even at dawn. I would have thought that at Dawn or after Subuh prayers, the Dataran would be full of healthy people exercising and doing Tai Chi or any other form of healthy activities'

I would have thought that since the facilities are there, all Govt servants will be exercising after office hours and also on weekend morning. After all they are staying in the excellent quarte ors within easy reach of the superb facilities.

I would have thought that the KSU's will be organising weekend healthy activities like jogging or any other form of healthy living, in Putrajaya by virtue that they are given 2 days off every week.

As it stand, the well paved and well kept pavements are empty. We can count by fingers the number of people using the facilities for healthy activities.

We did pass by the KSN house some time back whilst cycling and he was at his balcony reading the Sunday papers. I belief he must have been back from his morning walk that morning. The next time we pass by, i will drop by and say hello to him and probably invite him to join our cycling group.

Since the Govt is concerned about excessive health care expenditure to the civil servants, why not take preventive measures and really make the civil servants healthy. Looking at the crowd at the now, twice weekly Pasar Malam, i am inclined to belief that they are not healthy at all.

Added to that looking at the mushrooming of Mamak eating shop, where in an area 2 Mamak shop can open at the same time side by side and still do a blooming business, where as the night gets darker, more patrons comes in.

As highlighted by the response by Perbadanan. what reasons do people have to be awake after midnight? At least in the case of those at the mosque area, they are not
unhealthily drowning teh tarik and nasi lemak at midnight?

It makes me wonder whether there is a kilang somewhere, where the workers need to eat after their midnight shift. Sarcastically, i am inclined to believe that they are working overtime!!

In Presint 15, they will have not less than 4 Mamak shop within a small enclave.
And the best part is that there is nobody living in Presint 15-The Diplomatic Enclave.

And lastly, there is no sign board or whatever about the limitations at the Mosque Dataran. We only know when the whistles are blown!! And yet within view there is an expensive electronic display board? And one more last thing, there is no Town Clock anywhere in sight. It would be nice if the unused Minaret displays an electronic clock visible all round.

That's the very least that we can do to make the Minaret usefull. We know the Bilal do not run up the Minaret anymore for the Azan!!! The loud speakers too are not placed there.

I would love to volunteer as a local Councillor of Putrajaya, having lived here since it was established, but then again as i was told by one Perbadanan official, it is better that we do not have outsiders or rather in our case politically elected councillors, because 'susah nak control".

I know Tan Sri Sam personally. Maybe it's about time that i pay him a visit.

"Putrajaya, the Cycling Capital of the World, By Choice"


KotaStar said...

Marah betul nampaknya. mengapa tidak kerana takmasuk akal hendak tutup dataran. Ok you tutup bank, wismaputra atau muzium. ya tapi hendak tutup mulut susah nampaknya. Kita kena tegur, penghuni Putrajaya kena bersuara, rakyat jelata kena bising. Awat pula bleh buka Dataran Merdeka? Ada pula berbagai persembahan. PM dan menteri lain ikut serta. Kalau kita semua buat baikot atau protest sp orang di Thiland nanti susah pula. I hope your reaction will get support. Sudahkah dihighlight dalam berita nasional?

Surely not a good start to 2009.

Beskal Chap Ayam said...

sebagai penghuni sini rasa pelik knp benda ni terjadi semenjak dari aku duduk sini tolong la buat sesuatu

Beskal Chap Ayam said...

2 hari sekali ada ride sedara

Riezal said...

Salam eventho saya bukan penghuni putrajaya.. to me saya rasa tak berpuas hati juga.. bagi saya.. kenapa perlu ditutup kawasan dataran tersebut..kan bagus dibuka.. ramai dapat berkumpul.. beriadah.. masing2 bawak keluarga berehat.. bermain berkayuh.. ntah laa saya pun tak paham apa reason dorang nak tutup.. sedangkan kerajaan sendiri penah berkempen.. utamakan keluarga.. nahh this is the time.. tempat pun safe.. tempat pun cantik.. ramai org.. berkumpul.. salam dari sahabat kayuh

Taufik said...

Bila nak jumpa Tan Sri Sam?