Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dear all,
I have been to Shah Alam Anggerik Ride, Rubberman Ride at GCE, DUKE
Ride and Hulu Langat Ride.
They have their own merits, but nothing beats Putrajaya Ride.
The Rides in Putrajaya is "heavenly" and tak semak perut
There are wide open pathways and big roads for us to cycle to our
hearts content.
The streets are free of debris and dirts.
The views and sceneries are like a picture out of a post card.
The fresh clean air and breezes is almost guaranteed.
The smell of fresh flowers will clear your nostrils of any mucous!!
The streets are well lighted.
The Hospital is near, in fact there are 2 hospitals to choose from,
God forbids!!!

One can never get tired of cycling here.
There are many more routes that we have not discovered.
We have yet to discover Presint 11, the largest Presint.
We have yet to criss cross the Taman Wawasan at Wisma Putra.
We have yet to complete the Horse Trail.
We have yet to really cycle in Putrajaya.

Do we really need to go out?
Unless and until we have a comprehensive plan, we should stick to our
We are seeing others joining us now.
There will be more coming.

We can tailor our rides according to the merits of our members in
Putrajaya, because we have many choices,
Kalau kuat kita pergi jauh dan naik bukit. Kalau ta berapa larat kita
kayuh at water level along the lake
Azudin O Fuad
"Putrajaya Cycling Capital of the World By Choice"


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Kol Azudin

I like the tag-line "Putrajaya Cycling Capital of the World By Choice". As a town planner, it sounds like music to my ears. At least the planners have got something right there...

Banyak lagi tempat you mentioned saya sendiri tak pernah pergi. Looking forward to them all.

Mohd Adib said...

I have been with the PER group for the last 3 months and I concur with the posting by Col Azudin.So far,I can't find a better place with such a varieties of choices!