Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dari Kongkoi ke Serting Tengah!

Butiran Perjalanan:

Tarikh:- Sabtu 3 Januari 2009
4.15 petang - bergerak dari Putrajaya melalui jalan Ampang-Batu 14 Hulu Langat - Kuala Klawang - Pertang - Simpang Pertang - Serting Tengah
7.00 malam - sampai di Serting Tengah (ladang kambing Boer)
8.30 malam - sampai di Felda Pasoh 3 (rumah Aliff). Won kembali ke ladang kambing.

Tarikh:-Ahad 4 Januari 2009
8.45 pagi - Bergerak dari Felda Pasoh 3, bergerak ke Serting Tengah untuk lawatan ke ladang kambing boer
10.00 pagi - bertolak ke Jelebu (Kongkoi)
11.30 tengahari - ke Jeram Gading
12.30 bergerak - bergerak ke Lata Kijang dari tapak perkhemahan Ponak Resort.
1.30 tengahari - mula menunggang basikal@ basikal yang kami tolak sepanjang jalan he!he!:)
2.30 petang - setelah 4km TNT kami tiba di Lata Kijang
3.00 petang - turun semula ke tapak perkhemahan Ponak Resort, downhill 45 darjah huuuu!
3.45 petang -berehat di kem Ponak
4.30 petang - bergerak ke ladang organik milik Ponak Sdn Bhd.
5.00 petang - bertolak balik ke Putrajaya


drtamil said...

Nice report.

So kira ngelat le. Only the last 4 km.

Kalau kayuh dari mula, we start from 120m high. Then go up to 150m in 1 km. Lepas tu dlm stretch sepanjang 300 m kita akan climb ke altitud 200m. It continues until height of 240 m. Then slowly downhill until altitud 210 m at the end of the trail. A distance of 16km uphill trek. Lepas tu kita akan ke dirt road. Dlm stretch yg pendek tu, kita akan climb ke 500m altitud in 4km. Mmg tough giler.

Berisman said...

I would rather go to FRIM.

won said...

no doubt it is tough going uphill but you will not know how nice we feel when we go downhill. i cannot describe the freshness of the air and cool temperature blowing on our face and body when we glide downhill. for myself, i am holding the brake very tight as i only want go up to 20kmph. for aliff, she is much faster and way, way, way ahead of me. if one is daring enough, i am sure you can easily hit 50-70kmph. you need to be there to experience it. i told aliff this is the best downhill ride i had since i begin ridding. anyway, i enjoy this trip and look forward to take the challenge again. i will want to try this again soon and be more prepare for the challenges.

MBA said...

1. I suka part "Won kembali semula ke ladang kambing". U tidur dengan ... ke?.

2. Downhill: 20km/h ?? Kat Putrajaya I boleh buat (sudah buat) 40km/h

won said...

1. janganlah macam tu. tak sebut apa pun. what do you think?
2. MBA only done 40km/h. let's go there and see what speed you dare to reach. easily > 60km/h. when i released my brake for a while it hit 40km/h too. maybe Aliff can tell you what she hit/achieve.
3. you just missed the fun and excitment there.

Aliff said...

Pak MBA,

The hilly terrain are to steep. Easily I could hit 60kmh but not dare to release the brake because of the slippery trek plus full of gravel/debris from the forest. It is 45 degree and over! One wrong move could send me tumbling down strait to the ravine.

I'm faster then Won while descending the hill because my speed is at 25-30kmh. As per Won he is on 15-20kmh.

Part two of the recce I will post it soon.

Man CIOCC said...

Wah besnye di puncak! Dikelilingi pohon2 & pokok buluh. Syabas