Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kayuhan Genting Sempah PERs 18 April

Gambar ehsan Dr Taufik

Setelah berbincang dengan Tok Penghulu semasa PMR 29 Mac yang lalu, tarikh Kayuhan Genting Sempah untuk PERs adalah ditetapkan pada 18 April 2009 (setelah Kolonel balik dari umrah).

Berikut adalah perincian cadangan kayuhan:

Tarikh kayuhan: 18 April 2009 (Sabtu)

RV point: Perkarangan Hospital JHEOA, Gombak

Tayar golek naik: 8.00am

Mid-way stop: after 10km (5 min rest/drink)

Sampai puncak: ETA 9.30am

Tayar golek turun: 9.45am

Sampai starting point: ETA 10.30am (rehat & minum/brunch?)

Bersurai: 11.30am


1. jarak kayuhan +/- 30km on road surface (no-off road trails)
2. jangan lupa bawa banyak tonic drinks/mineral water
3. some biscuits untuk kudapan (picnic?) di puncak Genting Sempah
4. slick tyres advisable (but not mandatory)
5. leader?
6. sweeper?
7. ?
8. ?

Ada sesiapa nak taja minuman, atau lain-lain : - ) ?

Monday, March 30, 2009


SEPERTI biasa, malam ini PNR akan diadakan di tempat biasa dan masa biasa (laluan mungkin berbeza).

Jom datanglah beramai-ramai tanpa mengira jenis basikal anda.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


[28.03.09] Glad to inform PeRs that we safely arrived at our destination at 17:40pm.

[28.03.09] We r 30km from kuantan. Resting at rr beris meraga. Shud be in kuantan by 5pm today. kerepok lekor, air nira n jagong rebus were marvelous.

GEDEBE will cycle around Malaysia from Kuantan ti Kota Bharu under amazing ride around Malaysia. Part 1 was from KL to KB in 2008.

The second stage will commence this thursday. We are using toyota unser as our support car. Glad to inform that this can can take 8 RBs with no problem. The support caqr will leave for KB early tomorrow morning. whilst, the riders will take the AK flight at 2130hrs tomorrow night.

We will update the journey using this page.


The journey begins - 1100hrs the support vehicle left KL for KB.
Packed to the brim with RBs worth more than RM100K.


[27.03.09]We left penarik at 0730hrs. Stopped for for bfast for 1 hour n proceeded to KT. Arrived at pantai Buruk at 11:30 am n rested at AnW

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jomlah Mengayuh Tidak Kira Jenis Basikal Anda! (2)

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

Ini kali kedua saya menuliskan pidato berbasikal. Ini malam, khas untuk basikal yang lajuuuuuuuuuuuuu iaitu RB. Tapi jangan risau!!! Saya dan Che Bond kita insyallah ada dengan MTB kesayangan. Marilah, kita kaaaayuuuuuuhh sahaja.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

Pastikan anda ambil makan malam dua jam sebelum berkayuh agar ada tenaga. Bawalah air tonik macam Dr.Azmi suruh, iaitu apa-apa air isotonik kita campur dengan air putih sebahagian untuk membantu menggantikan bendalir yang keluar akibat perpeluhan.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

Sebelum berkayuh, periksa angin tayar basikal, bawalah tiub gantian, jangan lupa lampu kelip-kelip belakang depan, lihat adakah masih terang. Jika tidak, beli bateri baru dan gantikan kerana kita ini sukar dilihat oleh pemandu kerata dan penunggang motosikal jika tidak berlampu.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

Janganlah jadi macam Mat Bangla, pakai topi keledar berbasikal yang ada. Lebih cantik kalau ada lampu kelip-kelip dekat belakang macam Dr.Azmi dan Pak Azudin kita.
Pakailah baju yang terang seperti warna kuning dan putih.

Itulah sahaja, saya tutup pidato berbasikal ini dengan pepatah:-

Badan sihat otak cerdas!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jomlah Mengayuh Tidak Kira Jenis Basikal Anda!

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian,

Ini malam, kita semua akan berkayuh. Macam biasalah kayuhan malam PERS. Ya, kita pedulikan jenis basikal kita, basikal lipat! basikal mtb, basikal rb kita kayuh dengan suka hati! Ya, bukan tunjuk kuat, bukan tunjuk hebat kita kauh sebab mahu sihat!

Tuan- tuan dan puan-puan sekalian,

Jangan lupa tiub tambahan, pam basikal dan lampu kelip-kelip belakang depan. Yalah, kita bakal berkayuh jauhkan. 35km kita besit tanpa banyak halangan. Insyallah.

Tuan-tuan dan puan- puan sekalian,

Sebelum menutup pidato pendek kayuhan ini malam, jangan lupa jam berkumpul 9.30 di Dataran Putra ya! Oh ya, bawalah air secukupnya.

Dengan itu tuan-tuan dan puan-puan saya menutup pidato ini dengan pepatah:-

Kesihatan itu EMAS...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


JB-Putrajaya Ride with 2 pitstop (Batu Pahat & Malacca)
Date: July 9-11, 2009
Participants: Max 16 ppl (8 gedebe + 8 PERs)

1. Dr.Taufik
2. Khoo
3. Marina
4. Won

Friday, March 20, 2009


Dear PERs

The Gedebe will be riding from Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu (New Castle) to
Cherating, Kuantan starting on 26th March and ending on 28th March
2009.This is part II of our " AMAZING RIDE AROUND MALAYSIA ". We did
the first leg from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Bharu in August 2008.
The first day will be from Kota Bharu to Kg Penarik (109.3km)http://
www.bikemap.net/route/133353. Second day will be from Kg Penarik to
Dungun (128.0km) http://www.bikemap.net/route/133355 and the third day
will be from Dungun to Cherating (92.9km) http://www.bikemap.net/route/133361.
Total distance will be 330.2km over 3 days. We will be doing an
average speed of about 25kph only - in case we have to do a sudden
stop for KEROPOK LEKOR or NASI DAGANG along the way :) The terrain is
mostly flat - except the bridge at Tok Bali! This time around, there
will be 7 of us - 4 men n 3 ladies. Plus one support vehicle with 2
support managers.Pls do pray for our safe return.
The 3rd leg will be from Kuantan to Johor Bahru, sometime in May 2009
and the 4th leg will be from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur in July 2009.
Maybe PERs will be able to join us on our 3rd and 4th leg. We usually
start on Thursday and ending our ride on Saturda - to accommodate the
working members. You only need to take 2 days leave.

Wan Sabri

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sawah Padi Ride 2

No of participant: 30
PERs: 19 (including suku-sakat)
Geng Wak basikal tua of Btg Berjuntai: 5
Geng Sg. Besar: 2
Date: 8th March 2009
Start ride: 8.30am, finished at 10.30am
Total distance: 31km
RB: 5
MTB: 25

The CO for the ride.

Di atas batas-batas bendang

Azhar & his daughter (13 year old-managed to complete 31km)

MBA & Muhaimy, serba kuning-Santini.

Aliff & Won

Dr. Azmi, Col Azudin & his 'new friend'


Dr. Azmi, Wak Basikal Tua & his wife.

The iron lady of Gedebe.

The 2 support vehicles

Taking rest after the ride.

Gambar keseluruhan, sila rujuk:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sawah Padi Ride-Report No 1

Pokok padi muda
My former LOOK bike

A tree in the middle of the padi field

Pokok padi dalam sebaris

The concrete canal or saluran air

The riders

The Sawah Padi Ride that we planned for quite some time was perfectly executed this morning, Sunday,8th March 2009.

I enjoyed the "back to nature" route.
I enjoyed watching the burung bangau in droves flying over the green padi field.
I enjoyed differentiating the Malay, Chinese and Indian plots of padi..
I enjoyed the innovative way the chinese utilise every spot of land incorporating other crops together with the padi.
I enjoyed making my comparisons on the various dilligence of the three main race in our country.
I enjoyed the 'bird's hotel' and wonder how they managed to attract the 'visitors' to stay there for free.

Dr Taufik and wife have singlehandedly organised a terrific outing for us.
Please say thank you to your wife for her patience in being the sweeper in your mpv and patiently following us from behind as the safety vehicle.
Thanks also to Bond's wife who played the same role and followed us from behind.
We must also take off our hat to Azhar's 13 yrs old daughter.
She completed the 30 over km intact.
Azhar pun terperanjat
Thanks to Wak Basikal Tua and his family for joining us.
Thanks to Raja Abdullah and his son, a local from Sg Besar for coming along and video taping our ride. There is a twist of tale about Raja Abdullah well worned out bike.
It was my former LOOK bike that he bought at the shop in Bangi. I refurbished the bike then, but decided to sell it at the insistance of this guy who pestered the bike shop to sell the bike to him. Somehow at that time he contacted me over the phone and i agreed to let go of the bike to him!!
It was a small world when he related how he bought the bike at Bangi and thought that the owner was a General Azudin, my namesake who is the FAM Secretary..
The picture of the bike posted here.

Even though the padi was still in it's infancy, it was colourful enough.
It would have been better if the padi was in full bloom and the sight would definitely be more overwhelming.
Maybe we should do another ride during the pre-harvesting time, when we can see the padi instead of just the pokok padi.

All in all, it was worth the effort to wake up at 0430 and travelled about 2 hours to reach the place.
To those that missed this opportunity, i can only symphatise with you.
The ride was both educational and enjoyable.
The weather was perfect with the cool breeze, angin sepoi sepoi..
The venue was perfect too and the serenity of the place reminded me of the quality of life the people there must have been enjoying.

It seems so peacefull and relax.

Azudin O Fuad

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sawah Padi Ride (SPR) at Tg Karang: Final Announcement

Maklumat Tambahan:
Jika ada apa-apa masalah untuk ke Parit 1 Sg. Sireh, Tg. Karang Selangor, sila hubungi saya:013-2565152
Jika ada masalah untuk berconvoy dari KL ke Tg . Karang, sila hubungi Dr. Azmi Tamil: 0122812344

Jalan yg Perlu dilalui:
a. Dari KL, menghala ke Kuala Selangor.
b. Dari Kuala Selangor terus menuju ke Tg. karang (16km).
c. Dari Tg. karang, terus ke arah utara ke simpang parit satu Sg. Sireh Tg Karang Selangor (around 3km).
Anda akan berjumpa:
i. Traffic light di hadapan Hospital Tg. Karang (Ditengah-tengah pekan Tg. Karang)
ii. Traffic light ke dua (selepas Jambatan)
iii. Traffic light k e tiga (dihadapan sekolah untuk melintas jalan)
iv. Traffic light ke empat ---> Simpang ke Parit 1, Sg, Sireh Tg. Karang Selangor
d. Di simpang ini, belok ke kanan menghala ke Pusat Homestay, Sg. Sireh, Tg, Karang Selangor.
e. Pandu terus sehingga ke penghujung jalan, sehingga anda jumpa 'T' junction, park di tepi jalan di sekitar Pusat Homestay.

Maklumat tambahan:
i. Laluan yg dipaparkan di blog adalah tidak final. Laluan sebenar akan dimaklumkan pada hari Ahad 8 March 2009. Saya akan sediakan/edarkan peta (beberapa keping) berserta dengan pit stop. (Sorry, pasal baru nak finalize laluan pada 7th March 2009-Sabtu). Jarak adalah 30km.
ii. Saya akan sediakan sarapan, berupa 2 ketul kuih melayu dan teh tarik bungkus, sebelum kayuhan bermula.
iii. Saya akan lead the ride. Sweeper, as sebagaimana yang telah dipersetujui adalah Col Azudin.
iv. Digalakkan menggunakan MTB, tapi saya akan pastikan laluan juga boleh dilalui oleh RB.
v. Kayuhan adalah santai, paling laju adalah 20km/hr.
vi. Lepas kayuh, saya akan bawa anda ke mana-mana warong berdekatan.Wassalam

Jemputan untuk menyertai kayuhan Sawah padi:

Date: 8th March 2009 (Sunday)

Meeting Point: Sekitar Pusat Homestay Sg Sireh, Tg. Karang (N3 29.845 E101 12.013)
Pusat Homestay, Sg. Sireh, Tg. Karang, Selangor

Saturday (7th March 2009)(optional)*:

Check-in di Homestay Sg. Sireh (optional)*
Tour Tg. karang/Kuala Selangor (optional)*
Fireflies at Kuala Selangor (optional)*
"Ban Kenal"

Sunday (8th march 2009):

6.00am Convoy from KL : Meeting point R&R Elmina (arah Utara) GCE Guthrie Corridor Expressway
7.00am: Gather at Pusat Homestay Sg. Sireh Tg. karang
7.30am. Berkayuh-28km, speed 15km/hr
10.00am. finish cycling/rest

Proposed route:

*Sila uruskan sendiri:
Kampung Sungai Sirih Homestay:
Encik Abu Bakar Moin,
Parit 1, Sg Sireh, Ban 4, 45500 Tanjung Karang, Phone: 03-3269 8004, Mobile: 019-346 7372
RM20.00/head: Bermalam sahaja
RM40.00/head: Bermalam + makan
RM60.00/head: Bermalam + makan + activity (bersawah, memancing dll)
Lain-lain, boleh arrange dengan this person.