Thursday, January 15, 2009

Putrajaya-The Cycling Capital of The World By Choice

When i restarted cycling or re-cycled in 2006, i was toying with the idea of making Putrajaya as the cycling capaital of the world by choice.
Why by choice?
Well,we know that there are other cities and countries that has more cyclists like Beijing and Holland.
But they do not have a choice.
Whereas in Putrajaya, we a choice.
In fact we have a variety of choices.

If that is so, why must cycling be made the main choice?

If we look at the layout of Putrajaya, the accomodations/houses are placed around their office in a circular motion.
It is as if their houses are behind their work place.
They are living within a radius that is less than 5 km.
I would envisage that it will not be a problem to cycle to their work place.

The town planners of Putrajaya must have this in mind when they drew up the master plan then.
This can be attested to the many bike racks that is scattered all over the cycling routes around the lakes in Putrajaya.
As a matter of fact, the cycling racks are almost new by virtue that they have been under used!

The pedestrian/cyclists tracks are well paved and well maintained 7 days a week.
They are also well lined by blooming flowering plants.

If they improve it further, the cycling routes will be fully shaded by bushy trees and thus providing cover from the direct sunlight.

Maybe for starters, the Chief Secretary, the No. 1 Government Servant can issue a directive to encourage a Public Transport Day in Putrajaya, where the civil servants are encouraged either to use Public transport or another alternative-Non Motorised Transport i.e. bicycle.

Once the idea that cycling is convenient and a joy, then it will be a matter of time that the civil servants will cycle everyday to office.

Obviously, not many will change their lifestyle overnight.
But i am apprehensive that if a concerted and well planned efforts are undertaken to encourage a healthy lifestyle, it will only be a matter of time when, the residents of Putrajaya will be proud to announce to the world that, indeed, they have made their Choice of making Putrajaya The Cycling Capital of the World By Choice!!!

Azudin O Fuad


aofuad said...

Yes, now 20 km is nothing.
Tak berpeluh pun!!
Even going up PICC is a piece of cake!!
That is progress.
And congrats tp PERs members for reaching another milestone.

Mohd Adib said...

May be we can learn something oh how -Cycling revolution takes place in Paris.Here is the URL:

To start the wheels rolling, I suggest Col Azudin to invite Tan Sri Sam the Presiden of PPJ to join us for a PMR and PNR.

aofuad said...

Pak Adib,
When i first mooted out the idea, i met TS Sam and his wife whilst he was jogging in front of his house by the lake in Presint 10. Told him just that, and he laughed and wished me good luck. He was the KSN then. Now that he is the President of Putrajaya Corporation, maybe he might buy the idea.
Anyway he has a Proton bike lying idle somewhere.

nawal said...

yeop, proton bike TS Sam tu boleh minta dia jual second-hand tak? murah2 gi2.

won said...

Another good supporter of cycling in Putrajaya during the weekend is Tun Mahathir. Sometime ago, I met him cycling around Putrajaya lake and he mentioned that to me. Why not we make an attempt to do a courtesy call to him and let him know about us. If he is supportive, we should invite him too. :-)

Taufik said...

Good idealah Won...Camner nak jumpa dia cycling?