Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Black Beauty

It was not love at first sight.At my age, I do not trust my eyes very much.However, I trust my heart more.After tough bargaining with the previous owner,I paid for Black Beauty and took her home.When I brought her home, my lady made some noises because I already have a White Beauty collecting dusts by her kitchen.I don't blame her because she knew that I did not ride my White Beauty as I should be.Now, another iron horse going to rust...(by the way,I can't afford a real horse)

Today,I proved her wrong.For the past three months,I have been riding my new bike which I called The Black Beauty(just like the famous horse in a book) almost every other day.Last November, I logged in more than 100km and last December I logged in for more than 200km.As of today,I cycled more than 140km for this month,January,2009. According to my friend Col Azudin,boys first love is their bicycles.Women only comes second.In my case, it was the other way around.I was taken away from my family to live and study at a boarding school at the age of 12 years old.So,I did not do much cycling. Last night,I asked my son when did I first buy a mountain bike?He told me about ten years ago after I bought him a Morales BMX bike from a shop at White Chapel,London.He still keeps his Morales BMX until today.I hope he can join me cycling mountain bike because I need a partner to cycle around my neighbourhood.On weekends,I join my riding buddies at Putrajaya or any other places they arrange from time to time,like FRIM as an example.

Today, my Black Beauty,its technical name is Trek3700, is one year old.So far,it serves me well.I bought it on 18/1/2008 and it cost me then RM1300.With helmet,gloves etc, I think I already must have spent about RM2000.The maintenance cost is very low because I am the engine that pedals it every other day now.But the benefit cost ratio and ROI are very good-it makes me exercises at least three times a week.At my age and body weight,the good doctor advised me not run -either you swim or you cycle,he said.I hate going swimming so my only choice is cycling.During my corporate days,I took up golf like everyone else, but my handicap remains 24 almost forever. To my Trek3700@Black Beauty,Happy 1st Birthday.I will take you for a cuppa at our local mamak shop this late afternoon to celebrate this anniversary!

Let me share with you some lessons learnt from my cycling in the last three months:

1.For something new and may be dangerous,get in slowly-keep my eyes and ears open and use my 'legs ' to test the depth and the temperature of 'waters'.

2.Do not assume you know a lot of it-observe and listen to others.Read a book and talk to veterans.

3.Start small and 'pedal' up the learning curve at your own pace.

4.Achieve small and quick wins to give confidence and keep score.Plan,do.monitor and control.

5.Enjoy the ride with your buddies.

6.Write about it.Here is my blog on cycling.

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