Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Challenging Putrajaya Wetlands Trail Ride Route

Putrajaya Wetlands is a 200 hectares area with a vegetated horizontal surface flow multi-cell wetland system, with different water levels in each of its 23 cells.
Map of the Putrajaya Wetlands.
It has one of the more challenging gravel bike trails in Putrajaya. It is suitable for an intermediate rider due to its challenges, not suitable for a new rider. You need a mountain bike with front suspension and knobbly tyres. Helmet and gloves must be worn while riding on this trail. The place to park your cars, and to begin your bike ride is at;

Pusat Rekreasi Air,
Putrajaya Wetlands
Exit Persiaran Utara
Presint 1
62000 Putrajaya
Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya,
Malaysia (GPS N2.952017° E101.699010°)

Those coming from the north via SKVE may have to circle around the PERSIARAN SULTAN SALAHUDDIN ABDUL AZIZ SHAH to get to the recreation centre as illustrated below.
How to get to the starting point.
Be careful here, you don't want to miss the turn.
This is the bike route of Putrajaya Wetlands.
My two kids on their MTBs, front suspension, complete with helmet and gloves. Don't forget your water bottles!
One of the many scenic bridges with the ducks in the lake.
A closer view of the ducks.
I really can't remember why I took this photo.
Look at the right side, that black object is a small weir for treating the water. 
A broad-crested weir, separating the many cells of the lake.
That marshy area is not for walking, it is part of the cells for water treatment.
Again another cell with a different type of reeds to help treat the water.
At the right angle, the water reflects the image of the plants.
At this cell, you have tall trees by the lakeside. One of the more beautiful view, yet unseen by others.
No water plants here. Maybe because this is where Sungai Bisa joins the lake. 
No water plants here. Maybe because this is where Sungai Bisa joins the wetlands.
Where Sungai Bisa really join the wetlands. The trail is flooded and not rideable. Time to turn back.
Map showing where we turned back due to flooded bike trail.
For those young at heart, you can emulate Che Mohd Adib cycling through the flooded section.
After backtracking some distance, we found a safe broad-crested weir to cross the lake.
These trees were on the other side of the lake.
My two exhausted kids. Must be glad to be near the finishing line. This is one of the safer crossing that you could ride through if you don't want to ride to the end of the "left horn of lake". The route would be much shorter though.
Take note that at the south end of the trail, you have to get on the road & cycle across the bridge before reaching the starting point.
Expect to spend up to two hours cycling this totally flat 15 km trail. Make sure that your bike is suitable for off-trail riding and bring enough water. You may want to bring some energy bars with you.
Summary of the ride.