Monday, December 8, 2008


Announcement: Putrajaya Critical Mass December will be ONE WEEK EARLY
Yes, you read it right.
We're making it one week early than we usually do. Actually this had happened before. We always bring PCM one week forward due to "inevitable" reasons. Hehe.

Date: 19 December 2008 (third Friday nite!)
Venue: Restoran Darussalam Presint 9 (Mamak Double Trouble)
Meeting time: 9.00 PM SHARPIE!
Ride time: 9.30 PM
Distance: About 20km
Ride speed: 15-25km/h

(Lame) reasons/excuses/rationales/reasons:
1. It's the day after Christmas.
'Tis the season to be jolly. Faa la laa la laa la laaaaa...

2. It's a long weekend.
Most likely nobody will come as everyone is going out of KL to balik kampung/going for that long year-end vacation/having pre-New Year's Eve party in Koh Phangan. :P

3. Don't you want to be somewhere else? It's a long weekend la!

So guys and girls, get ready your bike. It's in two weeks time. I know, i have to do the poster design. I'm in totally malas mode right now. Sigh!

On a lighter note: Shall we have a blast next year? Can we rock ride even more in January next year? Let's start the year with a big bang. More cyclists, more bikes, totally more fun!

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