Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guthrie Corridor Expressway Ride 20 Dec 2008

I didn't get to ride in the Putrajaya Critical Mass ride yesterday due to the rain. After waiting for an hour for the rain to subside, we gave up and had teh tarik instead. Some of us ended up riding after the rain had subsided at around 10.45pm.

So this morning I decided to cycle alone to Paya Jaras and back via the Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE). I didn't tell my wife where I was riding since I didn't want to worry her.

Getting to the GCE was an easy 3 km ride. But then the obstacles started to present themselves. Basically the route is not a flat route. I had a tough short uphill climb, followed by a longer uphill climb. As you can see from the images, there were 3 long uphill climbs.

At least 5 roadies whizzed passed by me. I really felt like trading my MTB with a road bike after seeing how effortlessly they conquered the uphill climbs.

After 8km, I had to stop at the Elmina R&R due to extreme perineal numbness. The padded shorts were of little use for long uphill climbs and the narrow t-bolt seat. Maybe I should invest in a wider bike seat for my t-bolt.

By the time I reached Paya Jaras, I already ran out of water. There were very little cover over the route and it was a hot ride, despite starting early in the morning. I should bring more water for future rides. I should also put on my clip-on sun-glasses.

Since I ran out of water, I stopped at the Elmina R&R again on the way back for nasi lemak with fried egg (RM2.50) and water - 100+ and cold ice water (RM2.30). Taufik called to tell me that he rode at FRIM's Rover's trail this morning.

On the way back, I went through Kg Melayu Subang instead to avoid the heavy road traffic. I reached home after riding for 1 hour 37 minutes, covering 27.2km.

I will cover this route again in the near future, hoping to clock a better time.

Update: Video of a GCE bike ride.

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