Friday, December 12, 2008

Padded shorts

I used to laugh when I was told that cyclists don't wear underwears because I do all the time whenever I cycle.Previously,I cycled for about 30 minutes and a distance of 7-10 km.No pains at all at my bottoms.But lately,when I joined our group of cyclists who ride for 1-2 hours  covering distance of 15 to 30km, then I understood the need to wear  padded shorts to prevent/reduce  pains at my bottoms.

The first time I wore the shorts(yesterday),I felt uneasy and weird.I can't walk properly and with time I hope I can adjust to wearing them.The shorts are very tight and it exposed all my body.OMG,I dare not  wear them without my trousers.

InsyaAllah,I will try to wear my new shorts tomorrow morning during our PMR at Putrajaya for a 30km easy and light ride.See you guys there..


Taufik said...

Saya tengah pikir nak beli satu gak. Ni pasal la nih kena cycle >30km :-)

MBA said...

1 tak cukup Doc.

I dah ada 1. Lepas pakai balik basuh dan tak sempat kering untuk diguna semula esoknya. Paling kurang kena ada 2 jika nak cycle everyday.

p.s It's not necessary short. Pants is better and mine is beggy. Asalkan ada pad.