Thursday, December 18, 2008

The art of cycling..

After I heard a few comments/suggestions from fellow PERs regarding the height of my saddle/seat,I went to Joo Ngan bikeshop,Ampang and got Suhaimi's help to re-set my saddle height.When I bought this Trek 3700 on 28th January,2008 he set it a bit lower for my stability to ride and gave me more confidence.My seat was raised about 40mm higher so that I can pedal effectively better and reduce premature  tiredness.Now, I feel much better but due to my height,I have to be careful when I go up and down my bicycle because my toes just touch the ground.

As a new comer to cycling,I know very little about cycling.My first target was to ride at least 10km.That I have achieved.Then I set my target to 20km and later to 30km.So far ,so good,Alhamdulilah.My next target is to impove the way I ride my bike in various situations-straight flatland, uphills ,downhills,cornering, braking and how do I react if I have to fall etc.The science of riding is written in a few books(I am reading one now) but the art of good riding,I believe,can only be acquired through the applications of the science and though experience with proper guidance and mentoring.

May I suggest to my fellow PER members that from next year, we have a planned programme for each month to learn specific skills not only limited to riding but also taking care of our bicycles.One particular skill I need immediately is to replace the tube of my punctured tyre if it occurs while riding.

By the way,I am justing thinking aloud for your further discussions and deliberations.

While I was riding one fine morning,the thought came to me that there are three main elements of riding-the man(woman), the machine(bicycle) and the environment.Everything is changing with time and space...but let us keep it safe,in style and with good speed.(Safe,Style,Speed).

See you guys at PCM,insyaAllah

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