Monday, December 15, 2008

Want to share your biking route?

Checkout Map My Ride

For Garmin GPSr users it is very easy indeed. Just download your tracks into MapSource, edit out the extraneous waypoints and tracks. Clean up your tracks and save it as a gpx file.

Login into the Map My Ride website, click on Map New Ride and then click on the import button. Now look at the bottom left side, click on the "Import from GPX file" and select your gpx file. Click OK and voila!, your route is displayed online.

If you ride the same route regularly, you can use MapMyRide as your training log. I find it easier to use another website to log my rides though since it takes less time.

Visually, Map My Ride is much more exciting though.


Taufik said...

Kena ada GPS kot, baru leh join?

drtamil said...

nak map manually boleh gak, tapi frustratingly slow.