Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cycling | How much calories you burn?

1 kg of body fat, if you burn, will produce 7709.3 calories

How much cycling do you need to burn 1 kg of fat?

Here, i got from one source:

Speed of cycling | Calories burn per Km | Calories burn per hour

A. 8km/hr | 4.375Cal/km | 35Cal/hr
B. 16km/hr | 8.125Cal/km | 130Cal/hr
C. 24km/hr | 14.375Cal/km | 345Cal/hr

*** Assumption: MTB weight: 15kg, Your body weight: 80kg, Flat road, constant speed, on road & no wind

If you cycle 24km within 1 hr (24km/hr), every day, for one month, you will burn: 345Cal X 30 = 10350Cal/month, and you will burn 1.34kg of your body fat per month.

Then you will see some significant changes in your body weight.***

***Assumption: Your diet intake is just enough for your body requirement


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MBA said...

Wah... macam ni kita patut buat no less than 24km.