Monday, December 29, 2008

Maal Hijrah Ride - Monday, 29th Dec

On behalf of Colonel (R) Azudin (sorry for the delay)
Dear all,
First and foremost, I would like to wish everyone a Happy, Prosperous, Wealthy and Healthy New Year,both Hijrah and 2009. To start off, tomorrow Monday Awal Muharram, we will do a light and easy PMR. We will take an easy ride round the lake and bersembang on what we need to Hijrah on, in this new year, be it:

Hijrah from MTB to Roadie?
Hijrah from smoking to non smoking.
Hijrah from just cycling below 30km to double that.
Hijrah from negative values to more positive values.
Hijrah from cycling around Putrajaya to areas outside.
Hijrah from bad eating habits to healthier ones.
Hijrah to a better quality of lifestyle.

On Wednesday, New Year's Eve, i suggest that we do the DUKE together with Wan Sabri's GEDEBE group and watch the fireworks, since there is no confirm fireworks in Putrajaya. We can congregate at Pak Adib's place and park our car there. We can safely ride through the inside roads to the RV at Esso station. We can start at 10:00 pm. Otherwise we can do our normal PNR on that Wednesday night? Please give some responses.

And Thursday New Year's Day - we carry on the normal PMR, light and easy and compare our new year's resolution.


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