Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Tribe is growing..

Previously,when we talk about tribe,it relates to a particular group of people from one geographical location or of a particular ethnic group or religion.Nowadays,a tribe is just a group of people with a leader and shared common values or passion and they communicate vertically and horizontally.For better explaination,kindly read the book entitled The Tribe by Seth Godin.

About ten years ago,I have started one tribe called SDARA egroup for the alumni of Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak, my alma mater.Now, it has more than 600 members.Their mailinglist is alive and kicking with more than 1000 emails every month!

Another successful egroup I initiated with other PalmOS PDA users is now a thriving e-community for gadget lovers to discuss their hobbies ranging from PalmOS PDA(as a start) and now it goes to other OS(symbian) smart phones,moleskine journals,photography,GPS etc.It is where we share information,knowledge and experience in using our portable gadgets.

In the above two examples, we also have gathering where members meet each other a few times in a year.

However, I have my failures as well when I set up a group for books and project management for my friends.

All of us belongs to one tribe or another.A few months ago, I joined a group of cyclists whose riding base is in Putrajaya.My first ride there was with my schoolmates and friends.Later,I was introduced to night riding with more than 100 cyclists on 22nd of August,2008.They called it Putrajaya Critical Mass.That special night ride broke my fear and now I ride with them almost every weekend.I even ventured to ride a hill at FRIM.Previously,I only cycled around where I live and each ride never ever exceeded 10km.With this bike tribe who called themselves PERs(Putrajaya Easy Riders),I managed to ride 20km in Putrajaya,32km in KL City Centre and climbed Bukit Kepong at FRIM.Lately,I noticed our tribe is growing quite well when members who are having fun and enjoying their bicycle rides with us started to invite their friends.At the moment, our numbers is 30+, but I believe we can reach 100 cyclists by the year end.What Mr Seth Godin has written in his book is very true indeed.May be you canadopt and adapt the similar principles and applied to corporate environment(or academic etc) by changing the word "tribe" to "team".

There are a few cycling groups I noticed from their websites/forum in Malaysia.Each hasits own weekly or monthly activities-ranging from cross country,downhills etc.A few dare-devil ones are not suitable for me(age/skill).

One key element that leads to faster growth of these cycling tribes is the communication among members.Through forums,mailinglists and sms, they communicate regularly and this leads to create interests in cycling activities.When people are having fun,getting good exercises and have great conversations with their riding buddies,they will keep coming!


Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Adib

Memang fitrah manusia itu hidup dalam 'tribes'. That's why Islam menggalakkan kita beribadah dan berjuang/berdakwah secara berjamaah. Dalam sociology pula 'man'are considered as a 'social beings'.

Btw, please view my take on my first ride with the PERs tribe in the Putrajaya Critical Mass at this link:

Aliff said...

Salam, Pak Adib dan lain-lain warga Pers dan bakal warga,

Kita ada kepelbagaian tingkat kehidupan dalam keanggotaan,

Kita ada poligami dimana bini muda dan tua kita sama-sama kasihi dan perlu berbagi masa

Kita ada semuanya dan semua harus kongsi sesuatu, SETIAKAWAN

Jangan kerana bini muda, bini tua terus dilupa,
Jangan kerana kita kuat, yang lemah terus dibiar,

Dalam kehidupan berpuak,

Susah sama dirasa, peluh sama membasahi baju!
Seronok sama diraih, senyum sama diukir!
Yang kuat bantu yang lemah
Yang lemah bina ketahanan dan kekuatan.

freespirit said...

Nak tanya.. cam mana nak join PER ni? Bila you all ride? Saya ni masih baru berbasikal, live around Putrajaya.

Terima kasih.

MBA said...

Waalaikumsalam freesprit;

PERs adakan aktiviti kayuhan:-

PNR (Putrajaya Night Ride) Isnin, Rabu, Jumaat 9pm @ Masjid Putrajaya

PMR (Putrajaya Morning Ride) at Tmn Warisan Pertanian 7.30am

Bagi ahli baru, elok joint PMR dahulu .... datang dan intai2 kami, lepas tu terus boleh join.

freespirit said...


PNR tu memang tak boleh nak join, sebab kerje.. PMR tu boleh agaknya. Nanti saya pergi intai dulu k.. insya-Allah nak join tapi this Saturday tak sure lagi sebab nak hantar basikal masuk kedai.. ada problem sikit.