Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Saturday Ride with President of Putrajaya Corporation

The Cadets from the Naional Defence University with me.(I was the Commanding Offcer there many years ago)

Things that i bought at the Carnival

Azizi with Tan Sri Sam and other PERs members

PICC in the background

The Bianchi gang...

Me with the cadets from the National Defence University, Sg Besi.

There is even a hot air balloon...

Tan Sri Sam admiring Pak Samad's bike..dia ta tengok pun Bianchi MBA...

PERs and the President...and Azizi whom has been asked by Tan Sri Sam to look into our matter...
Senang lah lepas ni, kita bagi tau Azizi sahaja, apa apa komplen...

The Federal Territory Minister and the President of Putrajaya Corporation cycling with my wife..and PERs members behind..

This morning ride was quite meaningfull to PERs.
PERs members rode together with Tan Sri Samsudin Osman, the President of Putrajaya Corporation. He finally met with the group that made the complaint about the shoddy treatment of the guards at Dataran Putra.
Tan Sri Sam gave his commitment that "you guys can ride anytime in Putrajaya".
He explained that the reason they close the Dataran was because, they wanted to prevent lepakking there. He said that you guys can cycle anywhere and at any time.

Indirectly he asked Azizi, our member who is also Putrajaya Town Planner, to look into it. Azizi explained that it was the overzealous attitude of the guard in enforcing the rule according to their interpretation.
Anyway, i told Tan Sri that i will be attending the dialogue with officials of Perbadanan with my Presint 16 residents on the 13th Feb, this Friday night.
Maybe Muhaimy and Nawi can attend together with me.
If you have any views to be forwarded please tell me.
I can convey them to Perbadanan Putrajaya.
Anyway, i will have to explain, why they should let us through at Dataran Putra even after midnight, and not cordon off the entrance at midnight to 0500 hrs to the public.
They can close the mosque and the eating shop down at the Souq, but the centre of the Dataran should be open 24 hrs to the public...
What kind of harm can the public do if they lepak there...
After all, the guards are employed on mobile duty 24 hrs a day, and not static duty. The fees are different for mobile guards than static guard, which is more....
Now we are paying them for doing less work.....lepas they chase us away after midnight, i think they became static guard!!!or tidor terus.....
Likewise, the public should be allowed access to at least go up PICC at night in their vehicle and admire the magnificient view from up there.
At the moment they close the entrance at night...
After all, what harm can the public do outside the PICC complex.
After all there are guards at all the entrance to PICC!!!
They just want to admire the view?
And, the view is indeed breathtaking and beautiful from up there, overlooking the Boulevard and the entire Core Island of Putrajaya.

How i wished the bus loads of tourist can view this and go back to their country and talk about Putrajaya. It is a waste to keep it a secret, just because kita takut orang lepak there...
We got Guards what, so yang berkelakuan ta senonoh tu, kita pancung lah!!!!
yang na menikmati keindahan alam, biar kan lah.....

Rugi lah buat tempat sungguh indah and don't allow people to enjoy the place...
And what is so bad about people lepakking at Dataran Putra at night.
After all those that lepak at night at Dataran Putra are practising the "Islam Hadhari" concept of masyarakat yang penyayang, yang beriadah dengan keluarga dan sanak pinak.....
There are some that even brought their badminton rackets along, there are some that have a mini picnic there...
There are children with their tricycles and toy cars..
It is indeed a beatiful sight..
But sadly, at 11 pm they switch off the central fountain, and before midnight they used whistles to chase the public away...
Whistles are for dogs and animals and not for humans..
Last night there was a blue Pajero that was driving very fast around the Dataran just before midnight to show their 'kuasa' konon nya na halau orang!!!!
I wished i had brought my camera and recorded the antics...which i will do on other nights and submit the evidence to Perbadanan.

Can someone write about the pictures that i posted above and also our ride this morning.
At least it might entice others to come on Sunday and Monday..
Best view on Monday, where we can see all the Le Tour Bikes before they move...kalau dah move mana na nampak terlampau laju

Azudin O Fuad


Taufik said...

Congratulation to PERs!
I believe it is a very meaningfull ride. Satu lagi ride yg saya miss....
I hope one day we organize a ride with PPj, Tan Sri & wife.

Mohd Adib said...

My congratulations to all PERs who were at Putrajaya this morning.

anthem3rider said...

Congratulation to PERs,

Ingat nak ride, tapi kesihatan masih lagi tak mengizinkan.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...


Trust you to get me into hot soup. I've a feeling I'm going to be hauled up to the President's office next week when I'll be grilled:

"Azizi, what were you thinking getting involved with those middle-aged Mat Rempit?"


"Err apa?"

"Actually I tak kenal dia orang Tan Sri"

"Habis, tangkap gambar bukan main posing lagi??"

"Saya memang suka tangkap gambar Tan Sri...depa panggil so saya posing la"

"Ohh, ok then"


KotaStar said...

That's the way to the heart of all thngs. get the members togather and hit at the right target InsyaAllah you will help in the building and promotion of PutraJaya, Hope I am around PtJ tomorrow to see some happenings.
Azizi bukan 'chuak' kot.Bring yr bike along to the President's office. Good luck in the new assignment.

abd.samad said...

Tan Sri kata "cantik basikal nih"
" berapa harga beli"
Saya kata " murah aje 3k"
Beli kat mana
Saya kata "Ampang"
Pak Azudin kata
He is 57 yeras old Tan Sri
Tan Sri kata "You don't like 57 Yrs old"
kalau next question macam mana nak beli.
Saya akan mention nama Pak Wan Sabri.
Sorry Bianchi :-)

azizan fixie said...

Congratulations! Honestly if I were staying in Putrajaya, I would cycle everywhere. My car or even my motorbike would be collecting dust:-) Sadly I don't see many Malaysians staying there making bicycling as a way of life. Nevertheless PERs is doing great with the Circle of Influence!

Taufik said...

"Tan Sri Sam gave his commitment that "you guys can ride anytime in Putrajaya"."

Good news for us.