Tuesday, February 24, 2009


EVERY Wednesday PERs convert PNR (Putrajaya Night Ride) to POR (Putrajaya Outer Ring). POR is about 30km and will be done together with GEDEBE and everybody who interested to joint in.

RV: Masjid Putra
Time: 9.30pm (sharp)
Mode: Road Bike about 20km/h

POR will teach us the meaning of cycling in group as per link here . The summary:-

Rule 1: It’s Not a Race

Rule 2: Bar-to-Bar

Rule 3: Peeling Off

Rule 4: Pulling Through

Rule 5: Too Tired To Go To The Front

Rule 6: Gaps

Rule 7: Moving About In A Group

Rule 8: Obstacles and Hand Signals

Rule 9: Yelling

Rule 10: Slowing and Adjusting Speed

You Are Welcome

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