Saturday, February 28, 2009

Putrajaya Critical Mass

Putrajaya Critical Mass Friday 27th Feb 2009
Pak Adib was slightly injured when he fell of his bike whilst cycling at 20 kph.
He lost control of his bike when he let go of one hand to wave at a passers by, and hence hitting Alif's bike in front of him.
It was a small scratch and luckily our doctor administered iodine solution to the wound.
We will wait for a full version of his story later.
Tonight's PCM starting point was at the Palace of Justice and the ride was about 20km, which is now chicken feed to PERs members.
There were about 120 plus riders.
PERs was given the honour of becoming sweepers.


Berisman said...

Here is my version of the incident:


MBA said...

my version here ...

Taufik said...

Saya tiada version apa-apa. Putrajaya Critical Mass adalah kayuhan santai, ada yang bawa keluarga, bawa rakan-rakan baru dsb. Ia adalah kayuhan untuk yang mengajar kita berkayuh secara berkumpulan, bukan untuk berlumba atau menunjukkan skill individu. Namun begitu saya percaya ada beberapa perkara yang boleh diperbaiki lagi bagi meningkatkan mutu penganjuran.