Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Sawah Padi Ride-Report No 1

Pokok padi muda
My former LOOK bike

A tree in the middle of the padi field

Pokok padi dalam sebaris

The concrete canal or saluran air

The riders

The Sawah Padi Ride that we planned for quite some time was perfectly executed this morning, Sunday,8th March 2009.

I enjoyed the "back to nature" route.
I enjoyed watching the burung bangau in droves flying over the green padi field.
I enjoyed differentiating the Malay, Chinese and Indian plots of padi..
I enjoyed the innovative way the chinese utilise every spot of land incorporating other crops together with the padi.
I enjoyed making my comparisons on the various dilligence of the three main race in our country.
I enjoyed the 'bird's hotel' and wonder how they managed to attract the 'visitors' to stay there for free.

Dr Taufik and wife have singlehandedly organised a terrific outing for us.
Please say thank you to your wife for her patience in being the sweeper in your mpv and patiently following us from behind as the safety vehicle.
Thanks also to Bond's wife who played the same role and followed us from behind.
We must also take off our hat to Azhar's 13 yrs old daughter.
She completed the 30 over km intact.
Azhar pun terperanjat
Thanks to Wak Basikal Tua and his family for joining us.
Thanks to Raja Abdullah and his son, a local from Sg Besar for coming along and video taping our ride. There is a twist of tale about Raja Abdullah well worned out bike.
It was my former LOOK bike that he bought at the shop in Bangi. I refurbished the bike then, but decided to sell it at the insistance of this guy who pestered the bike shop to sell the bike to him. Somehow at that time he contacted me over the phone and i agreed to let go of the bike to him!!
It was a small world when he related how he bought the bike at Bangi and thought that the owner was a General Azudin, my namesake who is the FAM Secretary..
The picture of the bike posted here.

Even though the padi was still in it's infancy, it was colourful enough.
It would have been better if the padi was in full bloom and the sight would definitely be more overwhelming.
Maybe we should do another ride during the pre-harvesting time, when we can see the padi instead of just the pokok padi.

All in all, it was worth the effort to wake up at 0430 and travelled about 2 hours to reach the place.
To those that missed this opportunity, i can only symphatise with you.
The ride was both educational and enjoyable.
The weather was perfect with the cool breeze, angin sepoi sepoi..
The venue was perfect too and the serenity of the place reminded me of the quality of life the people there must have been enjoying.

It seems so peacefull and relax.

Azudin O Fuad


Grannits said...

Salam Col & others,

Thanks for the ride. Tapi kami MTB tak brapa puas. Anyway, it was still an enjoyable ride with beautiful scenery. Keep up the good work and we'll join you for other trips.

Dr Taufik - karipap banyak sedapla. Lupa nak ucap tiang kayu.

BJ rider

abd.samad said...

Itu belum kene nasi ambeng
Makan kat bawah pokok ke, atau kat tepi Ban Kanel
baru lah Ummp
next time maybe
Sunagi Besar to Sabak Bernam :-)

Anonymous said...

Saya sokong cadangan En.Samad.
Laluan alternatif : Semua bendang + kelapa + kelapa sawit + pisang boleh ditengok sekaligus.

Laluan 1 : Sg Besar - Sabak Bernam - Sepintas - Bagan Terap - Sg Besar.

Laluan 2 : Sg Besar- Bagan Terap - Sg Panjang - Sg Dorani (Jln Kuala Selangor Lama)- Sg Besar.

Laluan 3 : Batang Berjuntai - Sg Tengi - Kg Suharto - Sg Panjang - Sg Sireh - Tiram Jaya - Kg Raja Musa - Batang Berjuntai. (Pagi sampai Petang)
Laluan 4 (Pilihan & cadangan saya) Batang Berjuntai-Selangor Fruit Valley-Hutan Simpan Rantau Panjang - Batu Arang - Kota Puteri - Kg Bkt Badong - Batang Berjuntai sejauh 45 km bentuk geografi rata, landai, berbukit-bukau. Yang paling tinggi sampai tonton basikal. Saya dah cuba hari itu, saya sanggup jadi tuan rumah.