Sunday, March 29, 2009


[28.03.09] Glad to inform PeRs that we safely arrived at our destination at 17:40pm.

[28.03.09] We r 30km from kuantan. Resting at rr beris meraga. Shud be in kuantan by 5pm today. kerepok lekor, air nira n jagong rebus were marvelous.

GEDEBE will cycle around Malaysia from Kuantan ti Kota Bharu under amazing ride around Malaysia. Part 1 was from KL to KB in 2008.

The second stage will commence this thursday. We are using toyota unser as our support car. Glad to inform that this can can take 8 RBs with no problem. The support caqr will leave for KB early tomorrow morning. whilst, the riders will take the AK flight at 2130hrs tomorrow night.

We will update the journey using this page.


The journey begins - 1100hrs the support vehicle left KL for KB.
Packed to the brim with RBs worth more than RM100K.


[27.03.09]We left penarik at 0730hrs. Stopped for for bfast for 1 hour n proceeded to KT. Arrived at pantai Buruk at 11:30 am n rested at AnW


sckhoo said...

Well done. Glad everyone reach safely.

Taufik said...

Tahniah untuk GEDEBE. Well Done. PERs akan menyusul untuk Kuantan - KB ride pula in July 2009. Tungguuuu....