Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kayuhan Durian............Yummy!!

Sedikit ulasan Broga...(Tulisan Jefri - maafkanlah penggunaan tatabahasa yang kurang tepat itu :P)

The fittest was Pak Muhaimy. Managed to ride the 70m climb to the
highest peak without stop.

Sorry for failing miserably as a sweeper sebab tak tahan the back
markers selalu TNT. Anyway, I did save Pak Adib dan Aliff when they
were lost on the way back.

Doc Azmi - Are you ok now? Thanks for the deroyan. The experience of
eating them by the waterfall with my riding buddies and serviced by
the orang asli boy was a unique one. Thank you for the experience

Doc Azmi directed us on the tarmac on the way back after the waterfall
using his GPS. Tak aci but some of us were on reserve energy already.

I bought some durians back too. Nak cover line and to prolong my
visa / permit approval. The car smells and had placed daun pandan and

The ride was only 2 hours 15 mins. 3 hours of pit stops so that some
of our buddies could recuperate and 1 hour of berendam (this time a
decent one sbb ada 2 lady riders) and makan durian.

Let's prepare ourselves for another ride before monsoon. Depending on
participation, we shud divide into 2 groups - one heading to the
waterfall with minimal offroad and one heading to the 20km trail and
finishing at the waterfall. Then, insyaallah everyone will be

Once again, I enjoyed the ride. Thanks for the company, jokes,
experience and durians by the waterfall. Insyaallah next time we will
conquer Broga / Ulu Lenggeng again.

(Tulisan Pak Adib - :)
Best giler!!!
Siapa tak pergi,menyesal dan siapa yang pergi ada yang menyesal..
C'est La vie..
--Adib,always at the last

(tulisan Dr.Azmi :P)
> Offroad at Broga. Toughest ride ever.

(Tulisan Pak Muhaimy :)-Aliff's partner in crime he!he!)
this is the bestest among the best! I really enjoy this trip, not easy but not so though. yang best nya lalu ikut denai.
memang... ada yang menyesal bagi yang pergi. tapi semua selamat dengan pengalaman baru, makan durian di air terjun.
terima kasih Dr Azmi belanja durian satu bakul! tak cukup, masa pulang tadi beli lagi.

Jomlah kawan-kawan , kita berkayuh di Broga.

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