Monday, June 8, 2009


A lot has been said about this park. For mtb enthusiasts, the Bike Trail has been up there in the list of challenging bike trails in/around Klang Valley long before its construction was even fully completed.

The Ride Park offers a 9.1km trail for mountain biking with obstacles like the core trail loop, XC loop, downhill, downhill fun ride, free cross and slope style line.

The tracks come in three levels of difficulties which bike enthusiasts may choose from according to their abilities: easy, moderate and difficult.

Other components at the Challenge Park include: Wall Climbing Complex, Skate Park, and facilities for passive sports like walking and jogging. Opening in July.

Click below for a sneak preview of the park.


Abu Imir said...

Don't think I can do this at my age. Oppss... nanti tak pasal2 pulak kena gam lagi.

Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Not for me too. Kalau saya pegi pun kayuh santai-santai je...

Berisman said...

Anyone can take us there for a Tour Ride? I love to try the downhill.

abd.samad said...

In fact PERs lead by Pak Cornel dah ceroboh dah dulu.
Sehingga belakunya kemalangan di puncak bukit. Anak Bro Muhaimi.
Saya dan Won pecut turun untuk dapatkan bantuan.
The malay guys... selamba aje :-(
Won approch a chinese guy... sertamerta serahkan kunci kereta.
Off anak Bro. Muhaimi to Hospital Putrajaya